Adding additional stepper using spare pins

  • I am looking to add an additional stepper using the spare pins. It looks like I can recompile the firmware and define the additional drive – I am assuming pins 100-103 are available, so I can define them as dir/step/enable -- I plan to re-purpose it for z axis with a bigger driver as I'm working on a machine which does need 11 drivers in total, so I'm maxing out the duex5.

  • There are already many pins on the expansion port defined as external driver ports ( for the Due X2-X5 boards). You can use them too without recompiling.

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    If you want to add additional drivers beyond the 10 supported as standard, apart from changing DRIVES in Pins_DuetNG.h, the _DRIVES macro and the pin lists, you also need to bear in mind that the step generation code assumes that all step pins are on Port D. This means that the best place to connect additional drivers is to the CONN_LCD connector, which has some spare Port D pins.

  • o_lampe, as I said, I already am using Due X5 and all the pins allocated there, as dc42 understood me correctly, I am adding an 11th driver, and since I am I adding a TB6600 to run my dual Z nema 23 setup at full current (2.8) – and I will use the existing Z series config for my other Y gantry. This is a dual Y idex, so adding up 2 Xs per Y gantry -- that's 4, I have 2 Y steppers wired in series per Y gantry, so still just 2 steppers -- 6, then 4 extruders - 10, then dual Z steppers wired in series -- 11. I will post the build when I get closer to completion on YouTube if interested you can watch me assemble this monstrosity.

    Can you point me to where the CONN_LCD pins are broken out by pin number so I can assign them in the .h file. My plan is to assign 4 pins (3 for stepper, 1 for limit switch), will be an a 3 connector limit switch so won't need a pull-up -- I thought to just take the spare pins { 211, 210, 209, 208 } --

  • Is this it?

    so pins 82-85 appear to be available as I am using a panel due, I won't need the LCD connector.

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