Max wattage for extuder heater

  • Im starting to wonder if i "NEED" to convert to 24v to be able to print the higher temps ...

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    It would be strongly recommended.

  • If i removed the heated bed load completely
    It would be a great reduction in current demand
    Wouldnt that make up for the loss in avalable current since im at 12v. Therefore be able to run much higher temps.. .is a50w heater cartrage large engough to reach 400c or so. Right ??

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    Well it's less about the total wattage of the power supply and more about the current carrying capacity of the wiring for the heater.

    50 watts at 12v is 4.2 amps
    50 watts at 24v is 2.1 amps

    If this doesn't make sense to you, read up on watts/amps/volts/resistance/current until it starts to make sense why you'd want 24v over 12v.

  • No makes perfect sense. I was an electrical contractor for 30 years so that helps. i have alread chainget ot the wire to 14ga. I believe the weakest part of the chain for me would be the terminal block
    Let me ask you this way. given the hardware is sufficient and im running 12v no bed load.. a 50watt cartrage am i limiting what i can do ?? If i chainge to 24 v. (Have p.s.) would i need to need to change any thing other than the two fans and the heater to 24v
    Last. Does the voltage change affect the pid. It would make sense to me that it does

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    Alright, I just wanted to make sure you're aware of underlying details.

    14ga should be fine, though is stiffer, which can be a bit of a problem long term for a moving part like extruder/bed.

    If you did switch to 24v you would need to provide the 12v fans with 12v from a buck converter (usually easier) or find 24v replacement fans (sometimes harder).

    24v would have faster heating. And yes you'd need to redo the PID tuning.

  • Its a bit of deal to chainge everything over
    I wholy agree 24v is way better

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    Forgot to mention that stepper motors will perform better at 24v as well.

  • I guess the question would be am i exceeding the 12v desinged capabilitys with what im doing i feel like I'm still missing little bits here and there so apologies ......
    from what im seeimg myself this will work but im just working everyting a little harder than one needs to. If you say, i wouldnt or shouldn't,,,ill change everything to 24v. Not that big of a deal... the 14ga.wires are in a cable snake and tied off absolutely no movement in fact all three axeses🙂

  • Steppers hu?? Realy did not know that. 🤔

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    A 50w hot end heater isn't such a big deal compared to trying to run a high wattage bed heater on 12v. So 12v isn't as much of a detriment in this case.

    Do you already have the 50w 12v heater cartridge?
    Do you already have a 24v PSU?

    24v has advantages but it would be more work comverting.

  • Why dont i finish my extruder upgrade and I'll collect everything necessary and I also need to do a firmware upgrade before i start im still on ver. 2.1😬😬😳
    Start dialing in everything in maybe rigjt after the firmware upgrade😳🙄 lol.
    I know it printed great before the extruder change.
    So logically i would think this a logical approach???
    Thaknks Phaedrux

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    If you are using an AC mains heated bed controlled by a SSR, you could use the bed heater output to connect the extruder heater, and a different output to connect the bed SSR.

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