Job Logging

  • Is there a way to maintain a list of jobs and their details? I'd like to see how long jobs are printing vs what the slicer is saying, and monitor the other data as well. I don't think DWC tells you how long a print takes once it's done.

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    Moved to the DWC wishlist.

    I thought print time was captured and added to the file, but maybe not?

    What version of DWC are you using? 3.1.1?

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    @Phaedrux I think it simulation time that is captured and saved.

  • It could be useful to have the ability to insert a few lines of GCode at the end of a print file that would tell RRF to retrieve the current print time (since it's the end of the file, the current print time is the total print time) and append it to the file itself for RRF to retrieve at a later date. This can likely mostly already be done today, except for RRF smartly reading any appended print time for use in the web interface or paneldue or other LCD.

  • Yes, 3.1.1 on a Duet3 with a Pi4. I was wondering if it would be possible to run a DB on the Pi and have DWC dump the relevant data into it for each print, whether it was completed or canceled. Basically all of the info from the Job Status page logged for each print. I'd be able to see what the printer is saying the used filament amount is, print time, slicer estimate, etc.

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