Trianglelab 2019 TLTOUCH

  • This is more of a REVIEW than a problem,

    I'd like to vouch that the Bltouch from the team at China(Trianglelab) works rather well with the Duet wifi 2.

    My experience in the past has involved needing to solder in a resistor as originally recommended by the Duet documentation.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way a programmer nor experienced in any electronics or of background in any kind, other than a Hobbyist learning in their free time. I am not responsible for any damage to the property nor the fantastic hardware provided kindly from engineering geniuses of DUET and ANTCLABS.

    Disclaimer aside.

    Even then did the issue of bed compensation and levelling persists. With the new iteration of the Tltouch from Trianglelab, that once the logic is scrapped off the Sensor works well, not necessarily as accurate as the original sensor, but does work with full bed compensation, self-testing etc. No errors have since come through to haunt me.

    I am not familiar with the 2020 version of the TLtouch, but can actually expect it to either have a similar logic conversion or the open drain system similar to the original BLtouch.

    I hope this doesn't bar me from this forum in having this written.

    I am not at all affiliate of DUET, Trianglelab, or Antclabs

    Just leaving this feedback for any who wishes to buy from china

    😁 😍 😂 💃 🤝 😃 😎

  • you can build one yourself.

    its cheaper and more accurate.

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