Lost some srews

  • Hiya i have lost some srews from where T0 sheathed wire should go,
    which size screws can these connectors use, or is there any way to use the connector with out screws?

    Kind Regards,

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    Do you mean the screws for the E0 heater terminal block? If so, you could use the screws from the E1 output if you are not using that.

  • I had that board a while back which wasn't entirely functional and one screw was missing from e0 heater block, I couldn't remove the screws from e1 as they are captive in some way, they undo until they just click but don't unscrew all the way out of the unit. (not sure how the e0 one fell out). A quick search through a few pots of random fixings and a reasonable replacement was found. I eventually found the original screw, so if I remember I'll measure the diameter and thread, or I can send it to you if youre in the UK.

  • hello
    is there any update on this as I'd rather just use the E0 heater,

  • Ill try to remember to measure the screw for you tonight.

  • Okay so the screw is 1.88mm across the threads, so likely m2, and the thread is 3mm long not including the head.

  • Ok, so sadly the entire plastic has come of,
    Whats good is that the housing has come of cleanly,….

    so if i can get a replacement connector and just clip it back on that would be great,

    I don't fancy doing soldering, on this board

  • Ok so i become comfortable with the soldering, is there any thing i need to consider when soldering wires to the two prongs.
    i.e. these prongs were left from where the plastic came of cleanly

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    Just make sure that they can't short together.

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