Pt100 use with tool Board in the future

  • Will there be a way to connect a pt 100 sensor to your tool board in the future? I just really want to use it instead of just having it sit there on my shelf collecting dust.

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    @1997alex Moved to hardware wish list category. I think this would require the PT100 daughter board to be connected to the tool board, and I don't think there are plans currently to do this, as PT100 needs additional circuitry. It may be possible to build a smaller add on board that just supports one PT100 channel, and use existing pins, but @dc42 or @T3P3Tony would have to answer that!


  • for existing toolboard i dont think that will be possible.

    and you could go for a pt1000. that will work with the toolboard.

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    We don't have any plans to support PT100 on the tool board, because PT1000 is now a good option and it doesn't need the extra chip.

    If you are prepared to modify your tool board, you could reduce the value of the series resistor, and that may give you reasonable performance with a PT100.

  • Interesting, well hopefully there’s a chance that duet will offer a board with that capability of using pt100 daughter board on a tool Board. Even though the ability to use the pt1000 sensor is available and works well as you said, it would be nice alternative. Unless the pt100 sensors will be discontinued anytime in the near future?

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    It's not that the PT100 will be discontinued, it's just the requirement of an extra daughterboard makes it a bit out of scope for a tool board intended to be small.

  • That makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.

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