No communication back to PanelDue

  • I had my PanelDue 7i correctly running on my Duet 2 Wifi, no problems at all. I decided to update the firmware of the PanelDue because I wanted a custom splash screen. This went well too, first try almost to good to be true. But when I reconnected the PanelDue it didn't show any of the temperatures like you can see in this image:
    I can control the printer, all homing buttons work but it looks like I don't have any communication back from the board to this panel. If I go the the console and send M18 it indeed disables the steppers, but if I request the temperature I don't get a response. I checked the 10p IDC cable and replaced it with another new one to be sure that it's not the cable, but the problem persists.

    First I flashed version 3.2.0 with the custom splash screen, than I flashed the standard 3.2.0 firmware and I ended up flashing 3.2-RC2 with the custom splash screen, all with the same result. Fortunate thing is that the custom splash screen works!

    Does anyone have encountered something similar or have any suggestions? I couldn't find an answer myself. Have a nice day!

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    You need to add M575 P1 B57600 S1 to your config to enable the paneldue in RRF3 and your PanelDue will need to be using firmware 1.24 at least.

  • did you enable paneldue support with
    M575 P1 S1 B57600 ; enable support for PanelDue

  • @Phaedrux and @Veti thanks for your replies! Yes I had done that already. Everything worked fine before I started flashing the panel. To be sure I rechecked the config file and that line is still there.

  • @properprinting
    If it's stuck on "initialising" then check the baud rate in the Paneldue matches that in the M575 line.

  • what firmware are you running on the duet? paneldue 3.2 needs 3.2 firmware on the duet (3.1.1 works partially)

  • @Veti I think this might be the problem thank you! I checked the version with command M115 and it responds with version 2.05.1 I downloaded that automatically using the RepRap configurator. I'm going to upload new firmware and will let you know the outcome.

  • @properprinting
    you need to update to 3.0 first

  • @Veti Thanks to you everything works! A whole new world opened since I've updated everything. Awesome to see how the web interface now looks! The panel even shows my chamber heater.
    Very cool and you've made my day, thanks for your help!

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    Glad that got you sorted. Be aware that 3.2 beta is still quite early and in development. It's probably a safer option to stick with 3.1.1 firmware/DWC and 1.24 on the PanelDue.

    Also, since you're coming from 2.05 there are some changes to the config.g file needed for things like the endstops, heaters, and fans to work properly. Getting a fresh config.g from the online config tool to compare against can be a big help.

    This is a useful reference for RRF3

    A good way to verify your config.g is to send M98 P"config.g" in the gcode console. This executes the config.g as a macro just like it does at startup, but because the system is already up you will get any error messages echoed back that may otherwise get missed during initial startup.

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