Delta printer - print bed leveling screws

  • Ok, this is as n00b as it gets...

    I build a "Large delta" as per the original (2015) design of @dc42. In principle the printer works great (it prints out calibration pieces pretty well 😉 ).

    My final hardware problem is that I cant figure out how to set up a proper printbed.

    Right now, I have the print bed connected directly to the 2060's of the bottom triangle using the following sandwich (on three places):

    • M3 "wire end" (is that English? the screw part of a bolt)
    • M3 Nut
    • 2mm Alu plate
    • 2mm Alu plate
    • 2mm Alu plate
    • M3 Nut (this one and the top one clamp the stack together)
      • Heater (glued to the bottom of the last plate)
    • Cork insulation
    • T nut in the top of the 2060

    This is not ideal as it has the following issues

    • I cannot add a glas plate and can only use a very small part of my build plate because the M3 wire-end and nut stick out above the stack
    • Leveling this thing is a nightmare

    I am sure I should use these nice thumb nuts I have - I have two types:

    • one M3 with a 10mm long thread on the inside (female)
    • one with a 30mm long thread on the outside (male) and a flat head
      And I should just make the sandwich as follows:
    • Countersunk screw
    • 3x Alu plate
    • ???And then???

    For the life of me, I cant figure out how to set it up...
    How to terminate the stack at the bottom in such a way that I can easily level it and that it doesnt move while printing...


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    I've never used levelling screws on a delta printer. If the bed is rigidly mounted to the lower frame, it should be level anyway. I use M3 screws with countersunk heads in the 5mm alu plate, then spacers which rest on penny washers sitting on top of the frame.

  • @dc42 so you use the standoffs for any final adjustment right? (I find there is at least a few 0.1s of a mm play between loos and tight fit of the top nut)

  • @sylvaindc you shouldn't need any adjustment, even if it's a few .1s out it'll get calibrated out. Hard mount the bed to the frame and calibrate and you'll be set. The only deltas I've ever seen with a movable bed are complete junk that need it to compensate for a terrible calibration process. From the boards perspective there's not much difference between your bed being slightly off and one endstop being lower by the same distance. Anyone building a delta with duet caliber parts is hard mounting the bed, yes one of the best parts about deltas!

  • Thanks @clearlynotstef,

    That makes it a lot easier!

  • @dc42 said in Delta printer - print bed leveling screws:

    then spacers which rest on penny washers sitting on top of the frame.

    i used nylon spacers for thermal isolation from the frame

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