Bootlace Crimper

  • Slightly odd post, but just wanted to say, after years of using bootlace ferrules for screw terminals, as we all should, by crushing them with channel locks, I finally caved and bought the proper cylinder smusher tool and I must say I'm a big fan. These joins are way nicer than I was getting before. Would recommend.

  • Rofl ... and yes.

    Although there a couple of different types of crimpers, for all but the smallest terminals I prefer the flatter type, more D shaped. However that makes then too wide for the smallest terminals so I have another that makes almost an hexagon, but feel they're less reusable after tightening down once.

  • They are also useful for crimping the ends of bike brake cables so they don't unravel. Of course you do it after passing them through the bowden tube. 😉

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