CNC Touch Plates recommendation needed

  • Hey, I am Jamesmiller. I need little help from you guys. I think you guys will surly able to help me.
    I am thinking to purchase a CNC Touch Plates but i lack complete knowledge on which one is best. This is first time i am purchasing it. I also google for help i got reference an article mentioned below after reading i got some information.
    I think SainSmart CNC Touch Plate, Huanyu Plate will be good. My budget is low so looking for an affordable option that's struggling a bit in finding good one.
    So need your reviews and suggestion on good CNC Touch Plates at cheaper pricing
    Thanks in advance

  • I have the cheapest I could get on Amazon.
    Works well

  • Thanks for suggestion

  • Unless you just like the ease of use, or convenience of buying one online, there's really no need. I use a small copper clad proto board that I never etched. I cut it to a handy shape and soldered a wire to it. I have a banana plug that I use to plug it in to a panel mounted jack, instead of the alligator clip.

    Basically, you can use anything that's conductive and that has an easily measurable Z height. Heck, I've used tin foil wrapped around the part when I wanted to find exact Z of a previously failed part in order to continue where I left off, lol.

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