Horizontal White Lines and White Screen on PanelDue 7i

  • I purchased the PanelDue 7i approximately six weeks ago from Printed Solid, and installed it on my Core XY printer (based on the Hypercube Evolution) with an existing Duet 2 WiFi control board. The PanelDue is connected with a four-wire cable, with the wires twisted to help prevent interference. Following installation, the Panel Due worked flawlessly for about 4 weeks under relatively light use (a few prints per week). About two weeks ago, my PanelDue began to have thick, white horizontal lines on the screen. These lines would, on some occasions disappear, but as soon as I touched the touch screen, the entire display would turn white for about 30 seconds, after which the screen would typically return to normal, until touched again. In this state, I am not able to use the PanelDue and have had to resort to DWC.

    To attempt to rectify this issue, I have:

    • Reset the PanelDue;
    • Re-routed the four-wire cable so that it is not near any other wiring;
    • Replaced the four-wire cable (65cm in length) with one made with silicon wires and new connectors and pins that were supplied with my Duet 2 WiFi;
    • Removed the PanelDue from its enclosure;

    None of these efforts have solved the screen issue. When I power the PanelDue from USB (disconnected from the Duet 2 WiFi) the screen does not exhibit these issues. The PanelDue is running firmware version 1.24, and the Duet 2 WiFi is running firmware version 3.1.1. The Duet 2 WiFi is powered by a genuine Meanwell 24 volt power supply.

    If the forum permits, I am posting two images showing the horizontal lines (with and without the enclosure). The lighting causes the horizontal lines to appear blue, but they are white. These were taken while the printer was idle.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Could my PanelDue have a defect?

    Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 3.14.03 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 3.13.27 PM.jpg

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    As it works when powered from USB, it sounds like a power issue to me. My guess is that it's a bad crimp connection in the cable. A less likely possibility is that the 5V rail on the Duet is lower than it should be.

    How thick are the wires in the cable? We advise maximum 0.1 ohms resistance per conductor.

  • Thank you for the reply. The 1 m four-wire cable supplied with the PanelDue has 26 AWG plastic-coated wire. The 65 cm four-wire cable I assembled is 24 AWG silicone-coated wire. I do not believe that my multimeter was designed for precise measurements of fractions of an Ohm. Each conductor from the supplied cable and my assembled cable measure 0.5 Ohms (tested at the pins, which suggests the crimps on both cables are fine), which is the same reading I get by touching the leads for my multimeter to each other.

    I am reading a steady 4.91 volts on the 5 volt connection for the PanelDue on the Duet 2 WiFi, even when the BLTouch is going through the deploy and retract testing on startup. What voltage should I be seeing on the 5 volt rail?

    The PanelDue was working fine for about 4 weeks.

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    Are you also getting a steady 5V at the PanelDue?

  • @dc42 Thank you for the reply. I monitored voltage from the 5V and ground connections on 10-pin CONN_SD connection on the Duet 2 WiFi and saw a consistent 4.90 to 4.91 volts. I also monitored 5V and ground from the soldered ends of the 4-wire connector on the PanelDue and saw voltage between 4.85 volts and 4.89 volts. Interestingly, when the screen appeared normal, the voltage on the PanelDue was typically 4.88 volts. If I pressed the screen (which caused the screen to turn white), this caused the voltage to drop to 4.85 volts. After about 30 seconds the screen would return to normal and the voltage would climb back to 4.88 volts.

    Again, the PanelDue worked perfectly with none of these issues for the first four weeks after I installed it. I have not made any changes to the mechanics or electronics of the 3D printer since installing the PanelDue, only minor tuning since upgrading the Duet Firmware to 3.1.1, which I did in conjunction with the installation of the PanelDue.

    If you think it might remedy this issue, I can make third connection cable for the PanelDue (I am thinking of using 8-conductor ethernet cable, crimping two conductors from the ethernet cable for each of the four connections on the PanelDue).

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    @Mac3D-FPV said in Horizontal White Lines and White Screen on PanelDue 7i:

    I also monitored 5V and ground from the soldered ends of the 4-wire connector on the PanelDue

    Do you mean on the connections where the 4-pin connector is soldered to the PanelDue board? If so then I agree that there appears to be something wrong with the PanelDue, and I approve a warranty replacement.

  • @dc42 Yes, I was reading the soldered pins of the 4-pin connector from the front side of the PanelDue.

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    Please contact PrintedSolid and initiate a warranty exchange. Point them to this forum thread as authorization.

  • @dc42 @Phaedrux Thank you both for your help. I contacted Printed Solid and they are processing a warranty exchange.

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