Stop button on paneldue jamming hotend

  • Is there a 'hard coded' retraction that is called when the stop button on 7" paneldue is pressed?

    I noticed that there was a 10mm retract in the pause.g file which was causing jams (mosquito hotend) when pressing 'pause' on DWC. That has been fine since editing to an appropriate value.

    However, there isn't anything in the stop.g file, so I'm wondering if there are another set of settings or if the stop button on the paneldue behaves differently?


    If you are running a print it will run the cancel.g macro. Check that.
    Although the behaviour I have observed with the PanelDue, the stop button (specifically the red button in the top left hand corner) seems to be triggering an M112 emergency stop (which would make sense).

    An emergency stop shouldn't jam the extruder... in theory.

  • Thanks - it is only a problem I've noticed when running a print (I think). I just took a look and we don't have a cancel.g macro yet, so that shouldn't be running.

    M112 - all motors and heaters are turned off. I wonder if the hotend cooling fan is getting shut down and we are seeing heat creep? Surely not that quickly...

    Actually, I can start a print and hit stop and watch it to see if it is retracting as well. I'll do some observation...

  • Connecting via USB and using m111 to enable gcode debug might show what is going on (though there is a chance that the emergency stop will result in the final output being lost).

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    Pressing the STOP button on the PanelDue shouldn't cause any retraction. Are you actually seeing the extruder retract?

    What firmware version are you running on your Duet and PanelDue?

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    The STOP button on PanelDue executes an emergency stop followed by a reset. If you are using the Fan 1 output to drive the hot end heatsink fan we we advise, it will automatically turn on when the board resets. If you are using a different fan output, then depending on what you have in config.g the fan might not come on, andif it didn't then that would lead to a hot end jam.

  • Thanks for the quick replies everyone. I can confirm I am NOT seeing any retraction movement when the stop button is pressed, so that is not the issue. @dc42 the hotend fan continues running as you stated as well.

    I'll run some more tests.

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