PrusaSlicer post processing script for Duet/Tool Changer

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    @mkudzia i am not very sawy regarding some stuff, so i reach out for you here in hope you or someone else responds.

    I need a help with python post script for toolchangers and idex machines.

    I get an error
    [Error] Setting retraction state while no tool is active

    how do i solve this?

    Additional minor issue. Since i am unable to even run this but saw it in the code overview;
    Why is the old formatting M104 and M109 used? it's for duet, wouldn't it be more elegant to set the whole thing with G10 Snn Pnn ?

  • @MaracMB You need to select a tool. I have a T0 at the start of the start gcode, to make sure a tool is selected. The Pruse Slicer 2.3.0-alpha releases have add the use of G10 with reprap firmware.

  • I just have TO at the end of my config.g and besides that setting up PrusaSlicer (or rather, SuperSlicer), for IDEX was limited to changing the printer configuration to add a second had, disabling the retraction at tool change because that's done in tfree#.g, and it just worked. I'm still working out fine calibration, but the tool changing and printing worked fine following the setup instruction in the wikim

  • i had the wrong firmware selected. Turns out you need RepRap/Sprinter, not RepRapFirmware, because this particular script does not work with G10 commands and therefore stuff did not work.
    Thanks anyway @Stephen6309 and @oliof

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