No Flashing on DC42's IR probe

  • I originaly used DC42's guide which no longer works when trying to connect the probe, I have since tried connecting the probe by OUT-the MOD Connector, which is stated by one of the users on this forum.
    It has gone to the point where there is no flashing of the light, when I give it USB power only, the light just powers on and stays on constantly. when looking at the choke on the probe, it looks slightly burnt.

    Please help as I have set the config file to P1 and other various settings described by David Chrocher.

    Whats odd about the duets behaviour is when the sensor is connected or the wires are connected and sensor is not attached, there seems to be a sensor reading.

    The the duet otherwise works really well.

    The trouble I am now having is the idea of whether these probes are worth it, the one i had before was a 5V which worked really well, until I converted to 3.3v and i don't fancy having any resistors or DIODs attached. What seems to just work are these ae thes mechanical switches.

    Finally would there be a way of making the entire bed a endstop, with some sort of pad or heat resistent mechanical endstop.

    Kind Regards

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    If the choke looks burned, that suggests that the Vcc and Gnd connections to the sensor were swapped over at some point. The sensor does not tolerate reversing the supply polarity, but it tolerates most other ways of mis-wiring it.

  • Thanks
    The choke looks fine cosmetically but at the back of it where the solder points are it looks slightly discoloured,

    When i get a chance i'll take a picture,

    Worse case scenerio,

    How would I go about exchanging the probe,
    Or which other probes plug directly into the duet

    How would i tell if the probe male connector is broken?

    Kind regards

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    Can you post a photo? Which country are you in?

  • Great Britannia, I'll take a picture when i get home

  • heres an of where it might be burnt

    and another one

  • great britania

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    If you want to send it back to me, I can see whether it is economical to repair. The address is:

    Escher Technologies Ltd.
    Langport TA10 0QQ

    Please include a note with your address, your email address, and a reference to this thread.

  • Oh thank you

    What do you reckon has happened?
    What happens after you manage to fix it?
    Would it be free of charge to have it sent back?
    Or How about an exchange if possible?

    Kind Regards.

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    If it needs a new processor then I will charge cost £10 + return carriage + VAT. If it's beyond repair then I will just charge carriage + VAT if you want it returned.

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