Taking away any tork from the DuetWifi

  • Hiya,

    I have yet put the wifi in its permenant spot, since my printer is still in the upgrade and update stages

    I am looking to take a way any potential tork from the duet and eventually stop touching the board entirelly,

    I am planning to use these connectors for any of the screw in connectors. DC Power Socket & Plug Screw Terminal

    as well as the dupont connectors correctly terminated with colour code wires.

    What cable can I use for the E0/E1 hotend connectors,
    Whats the highest guaged wire i can use for the best quality no bottleneck, on the boards power terninals and heatbed.

    Kind Regards,

  • highly recommend silicone cased wire (can get it at local rc hobby shops and of course online) there are some specs on you tube for gauges of wire needed for 3d printers.

  • Hot end heaters come with cables attached, use them. they are adequate for the job and not removable/replaceable anyway. Crimp the ends before inserting them into the terminal blocks its much safer than tinning them (not recommended) or just twisting them together and doing them up (although I do this and have never experienced any problems).

    +1 for silicone coated flexible wires for moving beds (especially mains/line voltage) , as long as they have around 150% of the current carrying capacity of the bed you have plenty of safety margin. Use a thermal fuse, they're cheap, readily available and will offer real protection against all the failure modes that can cause beds to overheat. 150 deg C is perfect. Make sure its in line with the wire to the bed and secure to the bed so it will get hot if there's a problem.

    For stationary beds use whatever wire you want as long as it can carry the current (with some headroom).

    Once its all together fire up the bed at modest temperatures and feel along the cabling and any connectors for heat, if anything is hot except the heater then there is too much resistance at a joint, and as the resistance increases as it heats up that's when choke points become fire hazards.

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