• I Think I just discovered a bug. For some reason. I tried to reconfigure my printer with the RRC configuration tool. After re uploading my motors make sounds but wouldn't move. I noticed that in the config file of when it used to work I had to put 1200 mA instead of 1.2. Well the new file configured to 1.2 which is what I would suspect if the comment section to the right said amps. Well I changed it back to the 1200 mA and they are working fine again.

  • Wow I'm and idiot. I went back and looked at the configuration tool and it says 800 mA default and it was me who actually put 1.2.

    Just delete this thread.

    I acutally looked at the back of my motor and saw 1.2 amps and didn't convert to mA.

  • Maybe if the min value was say 3 mA then no one else would make this mistake.

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