Duet 3 Expansion Options

  • We need to connect 10 motors (6 drive axes and 4 extruders) for our multi-headed printer project. With a Duet 2+Duex5 we get stuttering when the four heads are printing, so are looking into the Duet 3. Currently we see two main options that would work and one that satisfies our connection needs but not sure works:

    1. 6HC Mainboard + 2*(3HC Expansion Boards)
    2. 6HC Mainboard + 4*(1LC Tool Board) + Tool Distribution Board
    3. 2*(6HC Mainboard)

    Other than cost and wiring simplicity, what are some of the benefits of one over the other? Would one setup be better at handling the processing needed to run all the motors at once? Is option 3 even viable?

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    Stuttering would indicate you may be using higher microstepping than x16, would that be the case? If so, switching back to x16 microsteps with interpolation enabled may help.

    I don't think option 3 is viable at the moment.

    Tool boards have a bit of a slower step rate at the moment, but I believe that's improving.

    It would help to know more about your application.

  • @gantri_hw said in Duet 3 Expansion Options:

    With a Duet 2+Duex5 we get stuttering when the four heads are printing

    this could also be a probem of i2c timeouts because of the duex wiring.

    post the output of m122 after the stuttering occured.

  • @Phaedrux - We are only using x16 micro stepping. Thanks for the info regarding tool board step rate. That's helpful.

    @Veti - Will check the M122 output next time I run it. Will be able to update some time this week. Thanks!

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