Duet WiFi (latest) in need of RMA confirmation

  • Hello all, this thread is merely to follow protocol according to Tim at Filastruder with regards to a recent delivery I received of a latest revision Duet WiFi board that I believe needs to be replaced as it has issues and I just literally unwrapped it minutes before noticing the problems. I emailed Tim to request he send me out a replacement and I would use the included return shipping label to get him this particular problematic board back to him for whatever needs to be verified. This being my nearly 10th such board, I just believe I ought to know when something is amiss,though Tim insists that I need to get the community to agree that it needs to be RMA'd, which I've no problem with, so here is the situation:

    I received the board a few days ago and just yesterday placed it in its new home, attaching all steppers and heaters and thermistors, etc, including the band new PanelDue v2.0 attached to the also brand new 5" LCD (such works perfectly, BTW). Powered up and the end stops, when manually activated by hand, do in fact reflect they're being touched add the LED on the board corresponding to the X, Y, Z tower ends top extinguish when I press the end stop, then go back on once released. At this point I was pretty excited that everything was working…then I went to attach to the DuetWIFI AP in order to further configure the board and get to the web interface. Here's where I first noticed an issue -- no AP signal was being broadcast, so I had a look at the PanelDue with the intention of issuing a M552 via the console in order to see what it thought was going on. Another issue noticed at this point -- PanelDue was sitting at the initial screen but at the top instead of "idle" it was showing "connecting"...but wait a while and never got past that. Just to verify, I connected that PanelDue to a working machine right next to it and it operates as expected when connected to it.

    At this point, I figured possibly firmware corrupted so proceeded to press the ERASE followed by RESET and connected to same computer I usually use for that purpose, but here was and is the most concerning issue -- nothing recognized by device manager. I tried a few USB cables, and noticed that certain ones would cause the device manager screen to refresh as though it has found something, but then it did refresh again and nothing ultimately had changed. The board was getting power over the USB cord, so I tried manually manipulating the cable slightly, and not surprisingly was able to get the device found tone to sound a few times, filed almost immediately by the device disconnected tone, frustratingly. So apparently there's an intermittent connection issue with the USB mini inlet port. After trying tens of times to get the device to be stable and recognized by windows, a single time I was able to position it in such a way that I succeeded. So I quickly ran SAM-BA 2.16 and performed the firmware USB install, followed by the comparison utility to nature sure it got in there without errors. As expected, it asks me to lock the regions, which I did, then pressed the reboot from whatever button at the bottom. Despite the intermittent USB connection problem which definitely exists, I was pretty confident that I could deal with it now that apparently the firmware was properly loaded (how many times does one gave to go to those extents, typically...right?). I powered up again using the power supply as normally would, and frustratingly -- very frustratingly -- still no successful connection via PanelDue, nor any AP being broadcast with which to connect to and then further configure.

    So, ultimately, I need for those in the position to make such determinations, to please do so so that I can get this board replaced and move on with my life. Thanks for listening, your everyone is having a beautiful day. Tim, I am leaving for New York for one week in about an hour from now, but I have packaged the board in question back in its original packaging and let my assistant know to be ready to bring it over to FedEx to return it back to you,at which point please simply send me out another (hopefully not faulty Duet WiFi latest revision with flyback protection built in). I await your okay then I'll have my guy place it in the mail.


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    I'm sorry to hear that you have received a faulty board. We're in the process of putting together a warranty document and RMA procedure, which should streamline this process in the near future.

    Tim, please authorize the replacement of Jonathan's board if you have not done so already.

  • Thank you very much, David. I was not in doubt that the board needed to be replaced due to something faulty going on with it (which is, admittedly, very uncommon in my experience), but Tim requested I follow protocol, so I happily obliged. Thank you for confirming the need for replacement. Much appreciated, sir.

    Tim, shall I have my assistant send the board back to the address that's listed as the return address on the Duex5 parcel I recently received, or (preferably) would you send out the replacement board with a return label included in the box with which he can simply stick that label onto the box I repacked it in prior to leaving for New York and get it back to you that way?

    Thanks, in advance. I suppose either method would work. I understand the hesitation to send out the replacement board without securing payment in the event it's not returned, but if you'll consider our current disposition carefully, I think you'll easily see that you are currently up on me well in advance of the cost of the board due to the 3 rolls of Taulman filament which I ordered and paid for, but haven't received due to the reasons you outlined in your last email to me regarding this very subject. It certainly would be more efficient to do it as an advanced replacement, as it would make it much more likely that the working replacement board would be on hand for me upon my returning home from the weeklong trip in currently on, while simultaneously makingbit easier for my assistant to send the board to you without confusion (considering there's a language barrier in place as he's recently come to US from the Philippines; not that he couldn't do it), but a box containing a prepaid return label would absolutely make the process more straightforward for him.

    Thanks for your assistance regarding this simple matter. I respect whichever method you insist upon, though I would hope for the easier one, particularly considering the unfulfilled paid order that is still in your favor currently.


  • Hi Jonathan,

    I emailed the return label with instructions to you yesterday.

    Regarding the t-glase: I replied on June 9th with inventory information and options on how to proceed including changing color or cancelling the backordered color, but have not heard back. Unfortunately the value of the backordered t-glase is less than half of the value of the parts you're looking to exchange, so holding the filament until the parts are returned wouldn't work.

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