Duet3 and the RepRap Configurator

  • I am having trouble using the configurator for the Duet3, and don't remember having trouble when settings up my Duet2.
    Have other problems but so far think they are just user issues...
    Current issue is that I don't know how to setup the IO for the BLTouch on the Duet3 in the Configurator. When I click finish it keeps telling me that I have IO errors and need to fix them.
    It could but something else, not BLtouch related, but was able to save the settings before I tried to add the IO for BLTouch.


  • I had mine setup as Input PIN io7.in & PWM Control Channel (BLTouch only) as io7.out, NO Modulation Pin.

    And follow the wiring here, https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Connecting_a_Z_probe#Section_BLTouch

  • @Rushmere3D

    I removed the Modulation Pin, and then saw that the X and Y Motors were not set to a endstop Pin (just blank). I had to change them to "not assigned" (going to use sensorless homing).
    I didn't know blank was an option... I thought it defaulted to not assigned.

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