Connect external drive to 0.85

  • I have bought from Duet Expansion Header Breakout Exp_Br_v1 -
    And i have Duet 0.85, Is it fits Duet 0.85? I think not 😞

    I'm trying to connect an external driver but it does not work.
    ( Leadshine Closed Loop servo Drive HBS507 and 3-phase servo motor 573HBM20-EC-1000 with 1000 line encoder HBS57)

    Then i try to connect drive manyally, but cant find pins map for 0.85! All i find - Duet WIFI - is exp. connector have diference from 0.85 or not?
    Where i can find such info??

    Thank you!

  • administrators

    Hi, the expansion breakout board is not directly compatible with 1st generation Duets (0.6, 0.8.5) only with second generation Duets (WiFi, Ethernet).

    You can connect the pins individually for step, dir and enable between the 0.8.5 header and the expansion breakout header, either using jumper leads or by making up a custom IDC terminated ribbon cable.

    The pinout for the 0.8.5 is on the RepRap wiki:

    And the expansion header pinout on the expansion breakout board is shown on the 2nd generation Duet wiring diagram:

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