Duet 3 + SBC Tool changer Jerky movements.

  • Hello everybody!

    I have custom made Tool changer, specs here:

    Duet 3 + SBC 24v psu
    3 channel expansion board, 32v psu.
    X & Y motors are 0.9 degree, from e3d. (EXP)
    All the rest stuff is from 24v psu.

    I have tried everything, acc/jerk/speed/current, microstepping, different slicers, different fws to main and expansion board (from 3.1.1 to 3.2.0b3), different sd card. Nothing removes that problem i have.

    I tried to print vase mode, but there is some jerky movements in x&y direction, head makes some kind of noise and there will be blob in that spot. All across the print.. All the straight lines goes like good, but if there is even hint of a curve, there will be blobs from head movement.

    I tried to google yesterday and found that too low jerk in Z would cause this, but no, nothing is changing.

    What the hell i need to do?

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    please do the following:
    ensure you are running the latest stable firmware (3.1.1) and DSF (3.1.1)

    Run some tests without mesh bed levelling enabled, and with it enabled - does it make a difference?

    Post the results of M122 after you experience the stuttering.

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    It wouldn't hurt to share your config.g as well.

  • Sorry for the delayed answer. And thanks ALOT T3P3Tony, it was the beta firmware that caused the issues. Flashed back 3.1.1 and everything works like it should. Amazing board you have made, i have to say!!

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