DuetWebControl icons

  • Since having the Duet board (few months) I've never seen icons in the web interface. I didn't upgrade anything in a long while, but today I've seen the UI full of icons (e.g. a cofee icon for "start printing").

    Is this a setting somewhere?

  • administrators

    can you take a screen shot of what you mean?

  • As I've said, it was one single time, on my mobile phone. I see that the icons are glyphicons and they are embedded as .woff in the webinterface itself, so no external server glitch either.

    So the normal print icon is a printer, not a cup of cofee, but I swear all the icons were different.

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    Yeah odd glitch, maybe your browser decided to use another icon file for an unknown reason (cached?).

  • I don't know. I have the same firmware, DWC, phone, IOS version for 1-2-3 months now and I've never seen that.
    Cofee icon for "start printing" made sense. I don't remember if the others were making sense or they were random.

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