Magnetic Sensor problems

  • Duet2Eth still running on RepRap 2.X.... Will upgrade after I get my IDEX on a Duet3 working.

    It's been a long time since I have had major issues with my Magnetic Sensor and as of last night it's flipping out. Printer pauses every 30 seconds saying too little movement without saying result from sensor to make adjustments. When checking status of sensor it says no results as it hasn't moved enough Filament. After a lot of playing, it randomly finally displayed data and it doesn't make any sense.

  • What pattern are you getting on the green/red LED?

    If you manually feed some filament through the sensor, what does the LED pattern look like?

    "No Data Received" is an indication that you have a wiring problem.
    Did something get jiggled loose?

  • @alankilian
    It quickly flashes green when printing so I assumed it was working... It always says no data until after about 30 or 60 seconds (enough Filament has gone through the sensor). It's currently pauses before it has a chance to get through that much filament. And when it pauses it doesn't show the sensor status on the console. Just shows an error for not seeing enough movement and says paused.
    I will check the wiring as it makes sense to think one wire may have been slightly pulled loose.

    Thanks! I will look at it tomorrow and follow up. (Printing now)

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