SOLVED Filament sensors..."just a thought "

  • Ive played with sensors a little and gave i for the time being. But still have the desire to get one working properly.
    I was thinking it would be great to have a toggle at tthe user interface to record but not implement a shutdown.
    That way we dont get fristrated getting print to complete while dialing in our sensors.
    This way we wouldnt lose prints or loose of the printer while we tinker
    Just a thought I'm offering up 😊

  • My second thought was that the missed shutdown of the print could possaby accure ony in the current print so we dont forget to turn the function back on for the following print
    Dont know if this is a good or bad idea ...but thought it might reduce the frustration level just a bit for the process. ...
    This is just a thought. 😁

  • @ziggymanpopo I think what you're asking is already in the M591 command, using the S parameter:

    Sn 0 = disable filament monitoring (default), 1 = enable filament monitoring when printing from SD card. Supported for all filament sensor types in firmwares 1.21.1 and in 2.0 and later. In firmware 1.21 this parameter is not supported for sensor types 1 and 2. Filament monitors accumulate calibration data (where applicable) even when filament monitoring is disabled

    So just set S0 and it will still measure (so you can calibrate) but not stop printing.

    If you want to do this per print, maybe put the line in your start code?

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