Pharadrux's tunning macros

  • Im wondering if this is too advanced for me to tune
    My machine. Being fairly new?
    Is this a on the fly type thing so i can see the result as i go??? Does one need to wait untill print is done to see results?
    Is the macros a that will wotk with any setup or is it "printer spesific "
    Is this a funtion one you would reserve for a more accoplished or not recomended as a learning tool for settings adjustments ??

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    The tuning macros are just a huge collection of files each with a command and a value. For instance for jerk it just has M566 commands with a large range of values. You can do the same thing by sending the command during a print. The macro files just makes them more like buttons, especially with a PanelDue.

    The idea is that you can start a test print and then change some setting while you watch so you can see what effect it has in real time. It's a very subjective way of tuning. You'll need to use your own judgement on what is better or worse. But it allows you to increase or decrease a value easily which lets you find the extremes rather quickly. You'll easily be able to see the difference between too much of something and too little.

  • Thats what i thought... i will try it as soon as i update my ver. Of firmware im worried that i might need to do that befor i try ...???
    how do i find out what settings i should play with for what result. Is there an article or list of what i need to be concerned with when a guy does a reabuild?
    I went frome boden to d d and its giving me fits 😆 more baby steps right ?? Lol

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    @ziggymanpopo said in Pharadrux's tunning macros:

    Of firmware im worried that i might need to do that befor i try ...???

    No the macros should work on any firmware. They just send basic commands, nothing fancy.

  • Cool. Thats awsome thanks .....again

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