SD extension via CONN_SD design questions

  • Hello all,

    I want to make a SD card extension to plug into CONN_SD on Duet 2 wifi/eth, basically just extending the SPI signals 150-200mm to an SD socket.

    I don't have much electronics design experience, so I have a couple basic questions if anybody knows:

    1. Would any passive components be recommended at the SD socket when extending in this way?

    2. Related to the Duet, would running a PanelDue via the 4-wire cable, and a separate SD extension (rather than using PanelDue SD slot) cause any trouble?

    Here is a picture of what I have in mind: Imagine a cable connecting this to CONN_SD. (no SD card holder model is in KiCad so it only shows the pads and connector).

    Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Also, here is the schematic i have made (pardon the sideways power ports):

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