Coffee table sized sand table mechanism: Arrakis

  • I've been working on a smaller version of my servo motor driven, stacked-belt coreXY sand table and have the mechanism up and running after some minor trouble with a firmware update. The mechanism runs very quietly at "normal" speeds (200-500 mm/sec), but can go super fast (1600 mm/sec), too, when a little more noise and sand throwing are acceptable. The printable area for this mechanism is 600 x 990 mm. Most of the parts are 3D printed, though there are some PTFE sliding bearings and a bunch of F625s in there, too.


    Slower and very quiet:

    The electronics are very simple: a Duet WiFi and expansion board, two each servomotors, power supplies, optical endstops, and buck converters to power LEDs to light up the table. The configuration file is very short- no heaters, no thermistors, no fans, no Z axis. Just networking, XY motion, and endstops.

    I'm working on a blog post with links to CAD files, more details, etc.

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