M307: bad model parameters with Beta3.2 LPC

  • With beta3.2 I am getting the following error from setting the model parameters for my chamber heater

    M307 H2 B1 A29.9 C1151.3 D55
    Error: M307: bad model parameters

    on previous versions the parameters would set correctly.

    11/19/2020, 11:37:31 AM	M307 H2
    Heater 2 model: gain 29.9, time constant 1151.3, dead time 55.0, max PWM 1.00, calibration voltage 0.0, mode bang-bang
    11/19/2020, 11:37:28 AM	M307 H2 B1 A29.9 C1151.3 D55

    just to note, the parameters used is from previous RRF3.2 betas, but with the bad curve error, due to dead time being negative I used the recommendation here to measure and set the dead time manually.

    Additionally I receive a bad curve fit using the new tuning algorithm, is there a similar workaround using the new tuning?

    RRF3.2 Beta3.2 on LPC


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    @MarMed , what you ran heater tuning under 3.2beta3.2, what parameters did it report when it gave the bad curve fit message?

    The gain of your heater looks very low and the dead time very high.

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