Solenoids and parking extruders

  • I've now built myself a CoreXY machine, based relatively closely on the D-bot, and I've got it printing, and functioning great with the Duet Wifi, but I'm planning on designing a dual parking extruder setup for it. There's a guide here; on the wiki, but I don't believe that it is relevant to my plans. This video shows a printer operating with one X axis, but two parking effectors, 'picked up' by solenoids. My plan is to arrange the effectors so that there is no offset when they're printing, and so that the magnet carriage also houses the IR sensor, print cooling fans, and obviously belt tensioners.

    In terms of both gcode and wiring, would it be easy enough to hook up a couple of magnets, to do this?

  • I think I've figured out a way to set up a dual parking extruder system that DOES NOT REQUIRE solenoids.

    All it needs is two end switches, some springs and some regular old fashioned magnets.

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    You can control solenoids via the PWM fan connectors or using expansion pins and external mosfets with flyback diodes.

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