• When i run the duet web control on linux, under chromium or firefox, their seems to be connection issues, on a regular basis,

    However when i use chrome and firefox under windows the connection is solid, and hardly times out

    What features are missing to get this consistent connection,

    The same is also when i control the duet from an android device,

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    I'm not aware of any difference between Linux/Android and Windows in this respect, except possible the TCP MSS. Which variety of Duet is it?

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    Interestingly I've been developing DWC and most of my RRF changes under Linux and I haven't had any problems with this combination yet. It sounds to me as if your WiFi driver is faulty. When was the last time you ran a system update? Does this problem persist when you switch over to a wired (Ethernet) connection?

    If that doesn't help, can you please record a Wireshark dump under Linux while you're trying to use the web interface?

  • Hi, I have two printers with DuetWiFis and access both using Chrome on a Linux machine with no problems whatsoever. I don't use mDNS (printer-name.local) as that has failed before now. Instead, I use their IP addresses and never have connection issues. When the mDNS fails, the .local name can't be resolved even though the Duet is still accessible using its IP address. The mDNS failures have also occurred with other hardware that uses a different brand of WiFi module so it remains a mystery as to what is going wrong as mDNS works here for all other computers with no problems.

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