Need some help with workbee cnc

  • Hello, can someone help solve some workbee cnc problems ? Tried everything that i found across forums and internet, but nothing helped. Problem is that I can't move my cnc axis, not even home them. It makes somekind of a sound and stops. Maybe it's a bad config, but i don't really know. Any ideas ?
    I'm a begginer at this type of stuff so can't really find any problems myself.
    Workbee cnc 1510
    Duet 3 Mainboard 6HC
    4xNema 23 Stepper Motor - High Torque - 1.8degree/step steps
    (Sorry, if my english is not so good.)

  • Yes. We can help.
    Can you post a photo of your wiring, the model number of the motors and a copy of your config.g file please?

  • I sounds like motors not correctly wired to the board. Make sure that the coils are correctly paired...

  • The config I posted in the config repository on the main page is for my 1050 workbee using a mb36hc as well. You can compare it to yours or copy the I/O wiring and upload it as-is and give it a shot. I definitely recommend keeping the stepper-to-leadscrew couplers loose while testing. You can confirm motion in all directions, endstop activation, home.g files, all without the possibility of crashing anything.

    Do you get any error messages in the web interface when attempting moves?

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