Duet Delta calibrations

  • Duet2 wifi
    MP Delta Pro
    Z probe= piezo/membrane switch probe- nozzle probe

    Hello, i am having some problems with what i think is the delta calibration, regarding bed leveling.
    it seems the initial layers look decent until the nozzle gets near the xyz towers (well, actually the back, i think thats the y tower, doesnt look bad).

    I have had some improvements when i changed to 12 Peripheral Points, 3 1/2 way points, 9 factor.
    (was originally using 6 Peripheral Points, 3 1/2 way points, 6 factor.)

    i measured the trigger height to be -0.15mm using the paper test.

    I've tried starting fresh, del the heightmap, and the Delta parameters, workplace coord from config-override.

    then i do a G32, it does a large test initially, running G32 a 2nd+ time seems to test a smaller area.
    then i do a G29 without homing after the G32 has finished.

    The results are not horrible, but they should be better i think, it always seems the area near the front right when doing the calibration, i dont hear the slight tap of the nozzle touching the glass, but the web interface doesnt show any errors and it continues probing?

    Anyone have any advice on this?

    20201206_174804.jpg duet height map snapshop.JPG

    config.g bed.g config-override.g

  • M350 X128 Y128 Z128 E128 I0 ; configure microstepping without interpolation

    this will most likely overload your cpu.

    unless there is a specific reason, go with x16 and interpolation.

    M558 P5 R1 C"!zprobe.in+zprobe.mod" H5 F1200 T3600 ; set Z probe type to effector and the dive height + speeds

    P8 will give you faster results.

    M308 S0 P"bedtemp" Y"thermistor" T100000 B4138 ; configure sensor 0 as thermistor on pin bedtemp

    if you can find out which thermistor is used, you might want to adjust that.

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    Is your Piezo probe built into the hot end assembly or into the bed supports?

  • @Veti
    Thank you!
    i changed microstepping to x16 with IP,

    i changed to M558 P8 (it wasnt on the web configurator but its much faster like you said.

    Im not sure what thermistor the monoprice delta pro uses unfortunatly, but i have the PID tuned values saved in my override.

    the heightmap is mostly all green now, and the print is looking much nicer so far, ill let it finish but i need to get to bed lol.!

    @dc42 no, its one of those cheap kossell membrane switches that you attach to the nozzle and then remove before printing.
    im looking at getting a smart effector eventually, but wanted to get the kinks worked out before i change out other things.

    One last question....so what is the best way to handle leveling after turning on the printer, now that i have a working delta calibration?
    G30, then G29 S1?


  • @akuma211 how have you fitted the mosquito? 😉

  • @akuma211 said in Duet Delta calibrations:

    One last question....so what is the best way to handle leveling after turning on the printer, now that i have a working delta calibration?
    G30, then G29 S1?

    it depends on your printer. i find that if i dont change anything i can do several prints until i need to run calibration again.

    so all i do is home in my print script.

  • @PCR

    I used a mount I found on thingiverse for the mosquito, had to make some alterations so it can attach to the effector.
    (Basically add extension to align with the mounting holes of the effector, and inbed the nuts into the petg mount.

    I'll attach the stl if you like

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