Auto leveling

  • hiya
    i have had some issue trying to get autolevel working,

    I have defined 5 probe points under bed.g

    i have also configured the bed limits so that the probe doesn't fly of the bed leaving the hotend to crash

    Every time I execute either G29/ G32
    it runs through all the points but still produces errors i.e. z probe triggered at start etc,

    When i was on the melzi and executed bed leveling the probe went down until it reached the bed then went to the point

    the probe is the stock anet/tronxy sensor, it is connected with the 5v header and to the z endstop connector, it works well when i z home.

    pleas help

  • administrators

    Perhaps you need to increase the dive height (M558 H parameter) to allow a greater range of Z movement during probing.

    I don't know the "anet/tronxy sensor".

  • its one of these style of sensor ROKO SN04-N,
    i hve also got one of these sensors if that would be any better LJ12A3-4-Z/BX/ LJ12A3-4-Z/BX-5V

  • Ok, so i am currently missing a heightmap.csv and other files,

    where can i download a spare csv file kind regards

  • administrators

    The height map.csv file is created when you run G29 mesh bed probing.

  • when i activate the g29 command it says that the file can't be found, can i manually create it using a template if i can't find it on the sdcard.

  • administrators

    If it says the file c\an'e be found then I guess you are sending G29 S1, which loads an existing height map. Use G29 S0 (or just G29) to probe the bed and create one.


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