Calculating Print Times

  • I am working with a Dueui config and looking for a reasonably accurate way to determine the elapsed and remaining print time.

    I am using the rr_model information.

    Currently - the best I can come up with is basically this:

    1. use job.layer >= 1 as an indicator that printing has actually started (as opposed to heating up etc) specifically since job.timesLeft{} is not populated until the first later starts.

    2. use job.duration - job.warmUpDuration for elapsed print time

    3. use job.timesLeft.file for remaining time

    which gives

    1. ((job.duration - job.warmUpDuration)/(job.duration - job.warmUpDuration+job.timesLeft.file) * 100) as percentage complete.

    Is there a preferred / better / more accurate way ? Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I have just realized that job.warmUpDuration can easily exceed job.duration (because it keeps counting during a pause). So it's likely not a good metric to include ......

  • ^^^^^^
    To be clear - the central problem is that job.duration starts as soon as the print job is initiated which could be several minutes before printing (filament extrusion) actually starts. I'm assuming that job.timesLeft.file makes some calculation but its not clear what that is based on or whether the variable is even accessible.

  • After some furtherer experimenting I have (until / if someone sets me right) - settled on the following:

    use job.filePosition / job.file.size for % complete - since this seems the most reliable estimate.

    use (job.timesLeft.file + job.timesLeft.filament)/2 for time left since this gives an average between what seems to be two independent estimates.

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