how to clear a bad AutoDeltaCalibration?

  • My delta printer has been running ok for some time and I dont' run the autocalibration for a typical run.
    Today I had some problems: my piezo probe was acting up and failing on some of the probe points, but not enough to cause the bed.g routine to fail, which leaves me with a huge offset (like 1mm). But when I home, the 'zero' position is now off by half a dozen mms or more on both axes. Since offsets and transforms are cleared in the bed routine (M561 and G31) I don't know where the offsets are coming from. My typical offsets after homing are usually less than a mm.
    Right now I have to literally reset the board the get rid of the bad offsets. I don't remember ever running into this issue even when I was still building this system, which is weird.

    BTW, how is the zero position set to 0,0 after homing? A previous calibration? Physical geometry parameters in the code?
    Here is my machine:

  • Have you saved the calibration with a M500?

  • @PCR only after a successful calibration

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    Why is the piezo failing?

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