Duet2 Eth convertor for SBC?

  • Re: Duet2 Ethernet Network issue

    Above is the original post I made about an issue with the Ethernet port on my Duet2.
    I did try Bearer's suggestions but to no avail.

    Since July ish, I have been running Klipper on the Duet with a SBC.

    I was experiencing some issues and thought I would go back to RRF firmware to see if they resolved themselves.

    Reflashed the firmware on the board, connected the ethernet and could not access the webpage - (I checked the config using the USB cable).
    I know the Duet is running as the last line of the config is to turn the enclosure lights on.

    Sometimes it works, most of the time it does not, now.

    So I am at a crossroads, Do I purchase another Ethernet module and hope or do I do the conversion to use a SBC?
    Its about £25 for a new ethernet board delivered.

    I have the SBC that I use for Klipper, I have a spare SD card and can create a new SD card for Duet Framework.

    Is there anyone in the UK making the convertor / adapter boards as my soldering skills are only suitable for basic stuff, like DB9's!

    If someone is making these boards, I am very interested in purchasing one.



  • You don't need a board, you can get by with just a couple of resistors ref https://forum.duet3d.com/post/163838

    I used ferules to crimp wires to regular 1/4w resistor leads, and crimped vanilla dupont terminals on the the ends. Board with buffer is probably better, but the above should work for a test-see at least.

    edit: this was the post i was looking for, more pictures showing the resistors: https://forum.duet3d.com/post/163005

  • Thanks @bearer

    What is a buffer board, out of interest?

    I am not up on resistors, what value will I need please?

    Something to do over christmas!


  • The values are on schematics in the two threads linked above i believe.

    I think i used 330R for the SPI and 1K for the interrupt, iirc wilriker started off with 500R. Its just to limit the current to avoid potential damage to the pi/duet.

    Buffer does sort of the same, it give the duet a high impedance (low current) input to drive. Roughly, I can't say I've studied the datasheet for the part they used on the Duet3, but the goal is never the less to keep things safe with low currents.

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