Stop print when PWM fan fails

  • It is the second time I have a failed extruder fan and the hole thing overheats and blocks the extruder. Well, with my duet 3 it is the first time. 🙂

    Is it possible to have a PWM fan for the extruder and monitor its RPM in order to stop print if it fails a threshold?


  • you could write a conditional g code that checks if the fan rpm is above 0 and if not aborts the print.
    and have that execute on each layer change.


  • @Veti Thanks!

    My thoughts were to understand if someone already had made it.

    I will pursue that route. When I will get it working I'll post the code for reference.

    I have on my roadmap to include the magnetic filament sensor. This project is independent of that and both will work simultaneously. 🙂

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