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  • hello I have a new router / modem since today,
    tp link m4 because of this I can no longer come online.
    I converted my network to 2.4gh for the duet bords.

    am working on yat but keep getting errors firmware_version: 2.05.1

    because I come after 1.19.2 I have to work with ''

    I have capital letters in it so it should be something like this this ?

    M587 S "a'b'c'd'6789" P "a'b'c'abc" (s: capital a the rest small p: capital abc)

    thank you

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    To get around the capital letter limitations you can create a macro to add the SSID name and then call the macro from the terminal to add it.

    ; Add default wifi network
    ;M291 R"Add default WIFI network? Y/N" P"This will add duetwifi access point." S3 T10
    M552 S0			; Disable network module
    G4 S5			; wait 5 seconds
    M587 S"NETWORKNAME" P"PASSWORD"			; Add duet wifi SSID to remembered networks list
    G4 S5			; wait 5 seconds
    M552 S1			; reenable wifi module
    ;M291 R"duetwifi SSID added." P"Check console to verify IP address."

    Save it as SSIDADD in the /sys folder and then send M98 P"SSIDADD" from the terminal to run it.

  • administrators

    Yat does not force characters to uppercase, therefore you can enter the password as it actually is. You only need to use the single quotes if you are sending the command from a program that converts the characters you enter to uppercase before it sends them.

  • You can also use runonce.g to load the wifi details
    Here is an example

    ; run-once.g
    ; called after config.g. When it has been executed, it is automatically deleted!
    ; generated by RepRapFirmware Configuration Tool v2.1.8 on Thu Jan 30 2020 01:40:41 GMT+0100 (heure normale d’Europe centrale)
    M552 S0                               ; disable network
    G4 P500                               ; wait half a second
    M552 S1                               ; enable network
    G4 P1000                              ; wait a second
    M587 S"WiFi_SSID" P"WiFi_Password" ; configure WiFi
    M552 S1                               ; enable network

  • Looks like OP is on 2.05.1 so runonce.g might not work?

  • @bearer oh yes. Missed that. Only works on 3.1.0 upwarda

  • thanks i got them online
    anyway all without 'characters and with capital letters and small counters

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