• hiya,
    i have converted to bowden however thr only time when the print work well is on the first layer where it is very slow please help
    once the print speeds up it ends up under extruding and the print looks fluffy

  • Have you calibrated the extruder?

  • Sorry all solved i changed the timing to x64, would there be any differance between x64 and x128

  • x32 is good for extruder but i do not think that was a fix unless you were missing steps

  • Depending on your extruder gearing going to very high microstepping is probably not going to improve your print quality. It's worth using x32 for ungeared extruders and this limits pulsing artefacts at low speeds. With a 3:1 gearing x16 with interpolation works as well as any other high microstepping. I'm using it with 40:1 gearing and that's 3200 steps/mm but only to keep motor noise low.

    At x128 that would be 25600steps/mm! Even the mighty duet might be struggling to keep up with the step pulses printing at 100mm/s with motors included.

    Bowden has always been a bit underwhelming as a solution to a lightweight printhead.

  • Hiya,
    I have hapily settled in with my bowden extruder settup,

    The only issues i am facing is that of speed which seems to be the same rate as the direct drive extruder settup.

    I am using simplify 3d

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