e3d toolchanger Pause t0,1 right pocket for ooze 2,3 lef

  • Hi,
    i have all set up and tuned in and i am happy with my E3d tool changer. Now i switched the 2 right tools with hermea , they have the nozzle so far left that it can't reach the left (standard) ooze bucket (which i reused from my big box ) so i mounted one another ooze box to the right side.

    Problem is when you hit pause it crashes the hermea in the printer because it is much wider than the bowden v6
    i know there is in V3 of the firmware an conditional G code for a macro.

    i would need to call an parking macro which asks tool number and if 0,1 it calls parkleft.g macro and if 2,3 it calls park right macro ?

    And being now verry happy i would love to avoid upgrading to v3 of software ?
    i also spent a lot of time dialing in the IR probe (thank dc42 )
    so if someone has an hint i would be happy

    thx thomas

  • Moderator

    RRF3 isn't so bad really.

    There are even some example config sets using RRF3 to compare against.