Remote Filament Storage Box tubes give too much friction

  • I have a few 3D printers and my goal was to have all the Filament rolls being used between the printers in a single large container.

    But I have found the 6ft + of normal PTFE 1.75mm filament tube results in way too much friction at these lengths.

    I found larger ID PTFE tubes but at a much higher price as the size goes up.

    Was thinking of using larger ID PT tubes I used for water filter system, much cheaper.

    Anyone have any recommendations on PTFE or PT and sizes for long haul filament tubes before extruder motors?


  • I just use a short piece coming out of the box as as strain relief, and a short reverse bowden tube going to the extruder, and leave the filament free in between. Seems to work adequately.

  • It may help to lubricate them with a little oil to improve the friction. I've seen that done on some Bowden printers with long tubes.

  • whopping pochard 16 Dec 2020, 10:45;
    I like the strain relief idea, was going to put a filter at the tub side, but I can place just before extruder. Down side, would leave some of the filament exposed to open air and may - if left over time absorb water for the exposed area.

    Pakue 16 Dec 2020, 10:47;
    I tried that before but would give inconsistent fixes that run out over time, plus have had issues with sticking to bed when too much oil was used.

    So far have found no clear PT tubes so I might just go with Pochard, unless better solution is found


  • I Have a Longterm Usage Tip,

    Use 2.85mm Capricorn Tubing, you don't see any Friction again.
    I use it together with my Ender 5 and a FilamentBox

  • @gallaghersart Ran into the same issue and switched to 3mm ID 4mm OD PTFE tube and it was resolved. Found this eBay listing which was a better value and the seller will combine orders for longer lengths.

    The next step is to add a feeder extruder to the filament box but not sure it's necessary.

  • you can find the ptfe cheap at aliexpress


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