Duet 2 WiFi Thermistor configuration

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    I am currently building a HEVO CoreXY printer using a Duet 2 Wifi. I am setting up small sections at a time. I have got the X, Y and Z motors configured and working and also the X & Y endstops. The Z-Probe will come later.
    However, I am having no luck trying to cnfigure the Thermistors. I have a generic 100K thermistor connected to the 2 pin molex connector next to the Bed Heater terminals and this is fr my Bed Heater. I am using an E3D V6 hot end and that is connected to e0, the supplied cartridge thermistor is connected to the 2 pin molex connector E0_TEMP. After reading many posts regarding thermistors, I believe I have got them configured correctly (see attached config.g) but when I go to the web console, I get an error on my hot end thermistor. My bed temperature is not displayed at all.
    I have tried many times to get this working but for some reason I am just not getting it. I have measured both thermistors with a meter and they both read around the 100k point (based on my ambient temperature). Can anyone point out anything I have done that I shouldn't, or anything I haven't doen that I should?

    Many thanks for you help people.




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    Please provide the results of M122 and M98 P"config.g".

  • @Phaedrux many thanks for your help already. By just asking for that information, I have found the problem. I thought I had updated the firmware, but apparently not. Flashed V3.0 last night and both thermistors reading properly.

    Thank you!

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    Don't stop at 3.0, continue on to 3.1.1. 😉

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