My mini IR probe just increased sensing of bed by > 3mm

  • Should I be alarmed when the mini differential IR probe suddenly sees the bed 3 mm higher?

    I have changed G31 Z1.95 to Z5.4 in offset and now working properly and reliably.

    Current config:

    M558 P1 X0 Y0 Z1 H3 F200 T5000                         
    G31 P500 Z5.4 
    G31 X31.7 Y15.3

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    Is it the version 1.1 with the through hole optical components, or the 1.2 with SMD optical components? On the version 1.1 the optical components can get bent out of alignment if you have a head crash.

  • This is the one that came with the KS 1.0 E3D Bigbox and does not have SMD diodes. I do have a SMD one laying in a box somewhere as well.

    Thinking about it I had a massive buildup of a plastic blob close to the IR some weeks ago. This might have been caused by an crash and dislodge of a part. So this is plausible.

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    The two IR diodes and the phototransistor should be standing upright relative to the PCB. You can gently bend them back into p!ace if they are not.

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