Tool Distribution Board RJ11 cable

  • First can someone tell me if the RJ11 cable that goes between the Duet 3 and the Tool Distribution Board has always shipped with the Tool Distribution Board? The reason I ask is because I ordered my Duet 3, Tool Distribution Board, and ToolBoard at the same time form Filastruder but I did not get The RJ11 cable. Everything was put in one box so I didn't know if it just got missed or not. I ordered in July but then ended up in the hospital for a month plus recovery etc. and just got back to it. So I asked Filastruder but they didn't know if they ever shipped without. I thought they might just send me one but they didn't.

    So I need to know the specs on it. Is it straight thru as in pin 1 to 1 , 2 to 2 etc or crossed end to end?

  • straight through; and you'l have to ask fillastruder about accessories as that can vary from reseller to reseller afaik; given the amount of questions on which cable to use I'd put my money on no-one getting the cable with the board.

  • @bearer All of the listings for it say it is included. I just didn't know if it has always been included. Thanks for the straight thru info . That's what I thought from looking at the wiring diagrams.

    One other question, how many wires does it need? All 6, 4 ?

    Does anyone know a good cable to order that is short? I ordered one from Amazon that I thought was straight thru but it isn't...hard to know for sure from Amazons description if they are straight thru.

  • @warpster high speed ADSL cables on the ones to go for.

  • @jay_s_uk Where do I find a short one and 4 wire or 6?

  • Hi,

    I got a load of these and they work. Nice and cheap.
    1mtr long, just coiled up the excess.
    CAN-FD on the duet uses the two center wires, 1:1, no cross over.

  • @warpster said in Tool Distribution Board RJ11 cable:

    All of the listings for it say it is included. I just didn't know if it has always been included.

    Can you please show the listings where it says its included ?

    I have more than a few Duet-3's and various tool boards and never had a RJ11 socketed cable shipped with it ever, just make/crimp your own its simple.

    for the LC-1 direct from the Duet-3 all you need is wires 3 & 4 connected and a resistor between 1 & 2


  • @warpster The RJ11 cable came with mine when I ordered from Filastruder.

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