Duet 3 6SH or Mini, shall I get a PanelDuo?

  • I'm looking to get into the Duet eco-system with either the Duet 3 6CH & SBC or the new Mini.

    I've tried to read up on the PanelDuo but thought I should just ask instead. Some places say to use a touch screen hooked up the the SBC/RPi instead of using a PanelDuo. What's the pros and cons?

    Is the PanelDue "direct" linked to the Duet or does it use the web interface?

    What setup would you recommend?

  • @Reine said in Duet 3 6SH or Mini, shall I get a PanelDuo?:

    Is the PanelDue "direct" linked to the Duet or does it use the web interface?

    its direct. communicates via uart serial.

    it depends on your need, i.e how often do you want to control the printer directly while standing in from of it.

    never: use the web interface.
    once a month: use the web interface and use a mobile/tablet for the direct connection.
    every day. get one.

    regarding pi or paneldue. if you decide to go without the pi, then paneldue gives you the better fallback.

  • Hi . I look at it like this. It is better to have a device thats dedicated to the task rather than an all purpose device you have to manipulate into doing what you want
    Like yourself , i bought into the Duet RRF ecosystem 4 years ago and while the components were expensive at the time there were very few 32 bit alternatives
    Having used BTT SKR1.3 Makerbase 32 bit boards , Lerdge boards and more recently a Chitu board i would still highly recommend the Duet boards purely for the quality components and build.
    ( i do a lot of printer repairs / upgrades / testing so thats why ive used most 32 bit boards available)

    AT the time of ordering my Duet2Wifi i also ordered a PanelDue 4.3 and ive never looked back.
    Unlike Veti, i do a lot of printing via the web interface . However for testing / adjusting the Z offset as well as using the pause / change filament function the Panel Due is great to have

    Good luck

  • i'm new to duet also . i think i could get along without paneldue . yes its a direct connection , but its not the same as the web interface .
    imho its much better to use a dedicated tablet that will sit near the printer . you'll get better screen , better resolution , scrolling ability and better touch .
    and you can get a tablet for almost the same price .

  • Btw you cannot use the sd card of the PanelDue with the Duet 3 (6HC, not sure about 5LC).

    I find any interface attached to that printer most useful as "read only" i.e. viewing status. Controlling or printing i prefer to do from a larger interface.

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    You can use the PanelDue SD card socket when the PanelDue is connected to a Duet 3 Mini. It's likely that we will add this facility to the firmware for Duet 3 next year, however the Duet 3 does not have a ribbon cable connector for PanelDue, so the wiring would be complicated.

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