Max current setting

  • Hi!

    What is the maximum current we can set on the DuetWifi without cooling fan?

    I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere in the wiki, but can't retrieve the info…


  • administrators

    If the Duet WiFi/Ethernet is in a reasonable well-ventilated space, then it's OK to 2A per motor without a cooling fan. If it's in a confined or warm space such as under the heated bed of a delta printer, you might need a fan at lower current.

    The latest firmware will warn you if the stepper drivers are warning about over-temperature.

  • For the tests, the board will be in an open space, and I will reduce the current to 1.2-1.5A.

    In its final position, it will be enclosed, but I already planned to add a good radial fan to blow laterally on the TMCs (DuetWifi and Duex5 will be side by side, so all drivers on the same line).

    I guess bed/hotends/fans FET also need to be cooled?

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