Dual head collision avoidance/ second head aware

  • I'm building a new machine and wondering how I can make the duet be aware of the two gantries. So that If they are coming close to crashing one slows down to where they don't collide or wait it's turn for that area of the print bed. Kind of like collision avoidance or one head aware of where the other is.

  • @wdenker i don’t think that is how it works... unless you want to do parallel printing, but that adds a whole new level of complexity to the slicer side, daisychaining control boards via SBC, probably syncing Z, or go with Autodesk project Escher kind of way... complicated stuff..
    As current setups go, you do mirror or duplication, and while it looks individual, it really isn’t. Without a user error, they will not collide.
    If you’d like to just add redundancy and eliminate the potential user slicing error, you could put an extra endstop (preferently optical) on one of the gantries and before they collide, they stop.

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