Spiralize mode and speed

  • I am printing a small box in specialize or vase mode in PLA. The model was sliced in Cura with a print speed of 50 mm/sec and a wall print speed of 25 mm/sec. For some reason or other the print is going at 15 mm/sec and I can't seem to find out why. There doesn't seem to be an extra speed setting for the spiralize mode so what gives?
    Probably something really obvious right in front of my face <grrr>

    In case it makes a difference, 0.8 mm nozzle, Volcano hot end, 0.25 mm layer height, 1.0 mm line width.

  • Reduce speed for cooling option?

  • Good guess ! forgot all about that ... let's see, the model is 76 mm by 76 mm. minimum layer time is 20 seconds. A layer is 76 *4 or 304 mm (round to 300) and at 15 mm/sec it is .... tadaaaa .... 20 seconds!

    Right on !!!! Where do I send the prize for the right answer ?

    Impressive and also most annoying that I must have spent an hour googling things, reading things and staring at the settings !:)

    Thank you VERY much !

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