Short-to-ground/Overtemp shutdown on driver 3

  • While setting up a new printer I shorted 2 of the drive pins for E0 doing something stupid while the board had power.
    After the incident I noticed that the TMC2660 driver for E0 was extremely hot.
    Before buying a new Duet I figured I would try replacing the TMC2660 driver.
    With the new driver in place it is no longer hot to the touch but I'm still getting the Short-To-Ground and Overtemp Shutdown error messages every 4 seconds via the web interface. Is there something i'm missing here? Everything else on the board works fine, if it were not for the unending error message I could use E1 and call it a day.

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    If the driver is otherwise working, then it sounds like the data out pin of the driver isn't connected. This could be because it isn't soldered to the PCB trace, or because the PCB trace was damaged when you removed the old driver. If the trace is damaged, you could link it to the same pin on an adjacent driver.

  • I reflowed the pads on the side of the drive with the SPI pins and everything seems to be working. Thanks.

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