Temperature sensors options

  • Hello all,

    I'm requesting your help on my problem concerning the limitation of temperature sensor inputs on the Duet Ethernet.

    I have 2 independent extruder with their own hotend sensor. I also have a heated bed and an ambient enclosure heater.

    My duet ethernet is linked with a Duet Expansion Breakout Board required for 4 external drives.

    That configuration does give me the ability to monitor the temperature of the air ambient. I could use a SSR and the breakout board pwm to control the ambient heater but I'm short one temperature sensor.

    Can someone help me on my option here? Is there a temperature sensor I could use with my RPY and feed to the duet (standalone one wire DS18B20) or something similar?

    Thank you everyone.


  • @Anto0131 you could by a temperature sensor daughter board for a PT100 or K type thermocouple. You can add up to 2 of either of these giving you 4 extra temperature sensors

  • Thanks a lot Jay!

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